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BMI (Body Mass Index) is an internationally used standard to judge if a person has normal weight or is overweight or underweight. The simple formula goes as follows: BMI = weight (in kilogram) / height2 (in meter). Adults have normal weight with a BMI ranging from 18,5 to 24,9 kg/m2, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The BMI should merely be regarded as a rough guide, since neither body frame nor muscle and fat mass can be taken into account. Only a physician can judge professionally if your weight is too low or too high from a medical point of view.


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Your BMI: BMI male BMI female
Underweight < 20 < 19
Normal weight 20-25 19-24
Overweight 26-30 25-30
Obesity 31-40 31-40
Massive obesity > 40 > 40

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